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My name is Margherita Ferrara, I was born in Turin and I have lived in Florence for 9 years.

I graduated in Applied Art Fashion and Costume, training that allowed me a long working history for some leading National and International Fashion companies.

After the birth of my second son, I decided to turn my passion into work, so was born, the 4 April 2013 "Fashflower’s Cake".

I started my second professional life as a general modelling teacher in different courses, over time I specialized in realistic figures.

In March 2014 I continued in the industry trying to offer people what the world of Cake Design had given me in recent years: enthusiasm and passion for their work.

Then I started to organize events at the National and International level, events where people could feel free to express their art.

In 2016 Florence, my new city, was a source of inspiration, I started experimenting in search of a style that belonged to me, so my third son was born: the MARBLE STYLE, that is the art of working sugar paste to imitate the appearance of carved marble.

I reproduced Michelangelo’s La Pietà in Pasta di Zucchero, a work that has been a great success, awarded in 2017 as Best Collaboration Award Cake Masters Magazine both in Birmingham, in the United Kingdom and in New York, in the United States .

In 2019, always in Birmingham, for the second time, I received the award as Best Collaboration Award Cake Masters Magazine as the head and coordinator of the collaboration. 

I was chosen as a judge of competitions and invited as a guest of National and International Shows.

Over the years I have been Testimonial for several brands in the sector and, after 10 years from the beginning of my story, I have become Owner and Testimonial of my Brand and my Creative Product by Margherita Ferrara.

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